What are the different types of lighting?


One of the most important elements of indoor design is lighting, which also affects home décor significantly. It is much more than just an accessory and can drastically alter a room’s ambiance and even enlarge cramped areas.

Appropriate outdoor lighting is also essential for illuminating your property to increase security and give your home a cozy, welcoming appearance after dark. Proper lighting draws attention to the best elements in your home and emphasizes the indoor design. Ambient, task accent and decorative lighting are the five main types of lighting.


1. Ambient Indoor Lighting

General lighting, sometimes called ambient lighting, is a ubiquitous lighting solution that provides all-around illumination for any given location.

Strong, brilliant lighting that completely illuminates a room. The main function of general lighting, sometimes called “ambient” lighting, is to give you consistent lighting levels across the room, totally separate from other light sources.


  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • LED
  • Compact Fluorescent
  • Halogen


2. Ambient Outdoor Lighting

The main purpose of installing outdoor lighting around a facility is to improve security and visibility. It is advisable to illuminate the building’s exterior, entrances, and staircases to mitigate and eradicate the possibility of accidents occurring during entry and exit.


  • Metal Halide
  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS)
  • Low-Pressure Sodium (LPS)
  • LED Street Lamps
  • Phosphor-Converted Amber (PCA) LED Street Lamps
  • Narrow-Band Amber (NBA) LED Street Lamps


3. Task Lighting

As the name implies, task lighting is any illumination that facilitates a particular task, such as reading a book, preparing dinner, working at a desk, or working in a workshop.

Since the light is concentrated in one spot rather than the entire space, more lumens should be used than for ambient lighting. This is a result of ambient lighting’s uniform light distribution.


  • Ceiling Pendant
  • Pendant Lamp
  • Angle Poise Lamp
  • Kitchen Cabinet Lights
  • LED Tape Lights


4. Decorative Lighting

When choosing decorative lighting, one of the most crucial factors is the design’s impact on the light transmission. 

As the name suggests, decorative lighting aims to create a powerful impression. To truly get the impact you want, consider the direct, upward, or downward lighting, color, and size before selecting.


  • Wall sconces
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lights
  • Ceiling lights 


5. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting provides visual interest and drama to a space. When used in a design concept, it draws attention to artwork, sculpture, indoor plants, and other valuable items and the texture of a wall, window treatment, or outdoor planting. The main point of accent lighting is that it needs at least three times as much light as the surrounding general lighting. Usually, track, under cabinet, tape, or wall-mounted fixtures supply this.


  • LED Tape Lights
  • Undercabinet Lights
  • Wall Scone Lights
  • Can Lights
  • Track and Recessed Lights

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