Tips for Paying Invoices on Time



In business, debts and receivables are often unavoidable. Maybe a company forgets to pay a bill, in the end, the company has to guarantee the fine or interest that was previously agreed upon. Meanwhile, parties who forget to collect receivables will also experience difficulties with their financial balance becoming unbalanced due to delayed income. Therefore, paying invoices on time is something that must be done.

As we understand, the source of life in business is good cash flow. Meanwhile, bottlenecks in the company’s financial flow will arise due to invoice delays. Even small payments can affect employee salaries. Therefore, let’s review the following tips for paying invoices on time.

Tips for Paying Invoices on Time

The effective tips that you can practice so that invoice payments are made on time are as follows:

Make a Payment Schedule

When you get an order with a high value, the customer shouldn’t make payment all at once when the order has been fulfilled or has been completed. You can create a payment schedule that has been mutually agreed upon with the customer to provide clarity on when the customer must pay the cost of their order.


Being firm is the key so that customers can have a greater sense of responsibility. Agree with the customer about the payment time. Make sure that the payment schedule will not be delayed or far from the agreed time tolerance for delays.

Discount Offers Could Be a Solution

Hearing or seeing discounted goods attracts attention, right? You can also do this so that customers avoid delays in invoice payments. You can give discounts to customers who make payments earlier than the due date.

Don’t send invoices too quickly

If you want to smooth or speed up your company’s cash flow, it’s a good idea to send invoices well in advance to customers. This aims to ensure that customers have time to produce the following invoice and can provide the funds first.

Remind Customers

Once the invoice is given, it is your job to remind the customer long before it is due. However, if there is still a delay, make sure to discuss the case carefully and carry out the billing politely.

Offer Easy Payment Methods

In terms of payment methods, customers will usually choose a method that makes it easier to carry out transactions. So the process is fast and easy for recipients in the next system. Because it is easy to pay, the money will come into the company quickly. For example, payment via bank transfer, credit card, and various other easy payment methods.

Provide Fees for Late Payments

As mentioned earlier, agree first on the payment. You don’t want to throw away your time just because 1 or 2 customers are late in paying which ends up being detrimental to the company. Adding late fees can be a solution to encourage customers to make payments immediately. Even so, you must continue to build good relationships with customers to ensure the smooth running of your business. Good service must be the most important thing.

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