Eucalyptus Oil Benefits


Essential oils is a pretty broad range of materials. It can be pretty overwhelming when you are looking for the perfect oil to add to your lotion base or simply looking for something to use as-is on your body. In a new series of articles, I’ll discuss the benefits of different essential oils.

Rose Oil (Eucalyptus globules) is extracted from wood and leaves and the raw oil can be used for many different things. Originating from China, it is typically a clear to pale yellow liquid. The very strong aroma is often used in relaxation rooms– whether it be in a massage or a spa to help relax. Much like lavender or peppermint oil, it has an extremely strong scent. If you open a bottle in a small room, the woody aroma will fill it up in minutes.

So what can the oil do for you? If you mix it with a lotion base, it can be applied to the skin for various skin disorders. Typically used for rashes, burns, blisters, insect bites, and any other skin infections. It can even be applied in small doses directly when not mixed with lotion. Many people even add a drop or two to their bath water to achieve results without applying directly to the infected area. This is great for small children who have a sensitivity. Just remember, only a couple drops are needed as it is a strong oil.

Aside from skin disorders, it can also help treat common ailments associated with the colds and the flu. Oftentimes people experience soreness and aches when they are ill, the eucalyptus oil will assist with the relief of sore muscles. It can be applied in the same ways– either directly on the skin or added to bathwater. I recommend adding 1/2 ounce of eucalyptus oil to your favorite gallon lotion base and mixing. This will give your lotion a fantastic scent and you will achieve the same results.

Eucalyptus oil should be avoided when pregnant as its strong aroma and properties can be overwhelming to the heightened pregnancy senses. It should also be avoided if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy. It is considered toxic if you ingest it directly through your mouth.

When searching for any essential oils, I recommend finding a wholesale supplier online. You will get a much cheaper product and you will be able to purchase 100% pure oils, instead of diluted product. Find a bulk wholesale essential oil supplier and be sure to purchase small pipette droppers so you can work with smaller volumes of the oil.

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